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Virgo Skye Leia Vela Comet II
Ceres Original Ceres Lace Ceres G Spot Ceres Rabbit
Charms Plush Charms Velvet Charms Lace Charms Silk Charms Curve Charms Plush
Mini Stella I Mini Stella II Stella II Stella III
Aries Halo Ela Pyxis Nyx Io
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Elevate™ Excite™ Satisfy™ Strength™
Gratify™ Satin™ Lavish™
Relaxer™ Renew™ Indulgence™ Soothe™

Customer Service

Guarantee & Replacement

For all inquiries about product replacement, please visit www.vibetronics.com/jopen.


Damaged Shipments

All shipments originating at California Exotic Novelties are FOB Origin, and the customer assumes full responsibilty for the shipment once the carrier has loaded the freight.  For any damaged shipment, please submit a claim with your freight provider.


Shipping Options

All shipments are customer routed, which means we will ship your merchandise as requested using your carrier of choice. For small shipments (less than 250 lbs), provide your UPS, FEDX, or DHL account number and we will ship according to your instructions. For LTL shipments, please provide carrier information and we will schedule the pickup of your merchandise for delivery!